Over 500,000 independent restaurants, most often referred to as "mom & pops," support more than 11 million much-needed jobs across the nation. These small businesses are essential for local economies to thrive — and vital for providing communities with safe places to eat, drink, and socialize — whether dining in or ordering out. Without the financial backing of large corporate structures, these eateries and their employees are reliant upon customer loyalty to survive.

Please do your part to help the economy, stabilize jobs, and at the same time enjoy a delicious meal that engages the spirit of community — SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL 'MOM & POP' RESTAURANTS


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While we promote mom and pop restaurants and appreciate your support of these small, local, independently owned eateries, we understand that you still want and deserve an enjoyable food and dining experience. At the same time, we believe many restaurant reviews are unfair and some sites and individuals even "weaponize" reviews, threating restaurant owners with negative comments.

The only reason to give a restaurant a great review is if you enjoyed your meal or had a pleasant experience. Unfortunately, there are many reasons customers leave bad reviews. our analysis of thousands of 1-star reviews indicates negative (and frequently angry) reviews often reflect issues other than the quality of the dining experience...including the obvious bad mood and bias of the reviewer.

So while we still take notice of negative reviews with our traditional star rating system, we also emphasize the positive with badges that reflect both the absolute number of four and five star reviews, and the relative ranking of reviews across also our restaurants. Look out for these badges when searching for mom and pop restaurants.

These badges are based on aggregated reviews from multiple review sites and platforms.

  This restaurant has received over 100 four and five star reviews across all platforms in the past year.

This restaurant has received over 250 four and five star reviews across all platforms in the year.

This restaurant has received over 500 four and five star reviews across all platforms in the year.

 This restaurant ranks in the top half of all reviewed restaurants on our site.

This restaurant ranks in the top 25% of all reviewed restaurants on our site.

This restaurant ranks in the top 10% of all reviewed restaurants on our site.